CRTrieste Foundation supports the 7th Joma Corsa dei Castelli in Trieste

TRIESTE – The day is fast approaching for the 7th edition of the Joma Corsa dei Castelli di Trieste, a 10-kilometer FIDAL-certified running event orchestrated by ASD Promorun in cooperation with the City of Trieste and the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region. The initiative was the brainchild of former athlete Michele Gamba, who was eager to combine his passion for running with the splendor of Trieste. Over the years, various institutions have supported the event, consolidating a partnership with Promorun to highlight and promote respect and enhancement of the local area.

THE SCHOOLS – Through its interaction with schools last year, ASD Promorun embarked on a path where sports serve as a vehicle for promoting the values of solidarity and respect for the environment. A special event within the event is the 8-kilometer Family Run, the heart of the event, which draws a family-friendly Sunday. The previous edition saw the participation of hundreds of enthusiastic young people, a milestone also achieved with the support of the CRTrieste Foundation, which has supported the Family Run for years, helping to ensure the participation of all students.

The partnership comes with significant benefits: again this year,entry is free for children and youth up to 18 years old; one youth under 16 and two accompanying persons pay a single entry fee that includes three bibs and a full race pack. For those who wish to keep a memento of the event or wear the Commemorative Technical T-shirt , there is the possibility of adding a small fee to cover the cost of the race pack, which in that case can be collected in full. Keeping the tradition from the first edition, prizes will be awarded to the five schools with the highest participation.

THE CRTRIESTE FO UNDATION – Active in promoting the economic, cultural, scientific and social development of Trieste and the surrounding areas, the CRTrieste Foundation has been committed for more than three decades to supporting young people along their developmental path. Sports activity assumes a central role, contributing as much to the physical well-being as to the personal development of future adults. For this very reason, the Foundation supports numerous local sports associations, fostering opportunities for young people to participate in sports both competitively and recreationally.

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