The 7th Corsa dei Castelli and the International Road Race U23.

The 7th Corsa dei Castelli and the International Road Race U23. This competition, thanks to collaboration with Fidal, has been recognized as an official preparatory stage for the 2024 European Athletics Championships in Rome and included in the official World Athletics calendar.

A New Chapter in the History of the Corsa dei Castelli.

An International Level Competition: Corsa dei Castelli is not just a race, but an event that marks the beginning of a new adventure. This competition represents an official stage in the run-up to the European Championships and, thanks to collaboration with the Italian Athletics Federation, has been included in the official World Athletics calendar.

A Weekend of Athletics in Trieste: The event program begins Oct. 14 with the opening ceremony in Piazza Unità d’Italia. The next day, participants will gather at the Miramare Castle, from where the 10-kilometer race will start, passing through Trieste’s iconic sites, culminating with the awards ceremony.

Scores and Rankings: The standings will be determined by summing the scores of the top three athletes for each representative team who reached the finish line. A system that will ensure excitement and competition down to the last meter.

Trieste: Between History, Sport and Beauty

The Race Course: The race course offers breathtaking views, starting from Miramare Castle and ending at San Giusto Castle. Athletes will cross the historic Unity Square and try their hand at “The Wall,” the last kilometer characterized by a significant incline.

Not Just Athletics: In addition to the main competition, there will be side events such as the Non-Competitive Ten and the 8-kilometer Family Run, promoting sports as a fundamental element of physical and mental well-being.

An Event of International Resonance: With the participation of numerous nations and more than 100 under-23 athletes, Corsa dei Castelli stands as an event of international significance, offering Trieste a unique opportunity in the sports scene.

The Importance of the Corsa dei Castelli in the Panorama of International Races

The Corsa dei Castelli is not just a sporting event, but a symbol of how sports can unite nations, cultures and people. This race represents a bridge between the past, present and future of athletics, connecting the historic city of Trieste with the future Paris 2024 Olympics. The opportunity for amateurs to run alongside Olympic athletes is a testament to the importance of this event in the international arena.

Collaboration with the Italian Athletics Federation and inclusion in the World Athletics calendar underscore the importance and prestige of the Corsa dei Castelli. The presence of athletes from different European nations makes this event a must-see for all athletics fans.

In conclusion, the 7th Corsa dei Castelli is more than just a race: it is an event that celebrates sports, culture and unity. A not-to-be-missed event for all lovers of athletics and beyond.

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